If you are visiting Barcelona or live here and have any interest in the art world, you cannot deny yourself a visit to the Picasso Museum. In this museum you will enjoy with one of the most extensive collections of Pablo Picasso.

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is in the heart of the Borne, on the Carrer Moncada, and is housed in five interconnected medieval palaces in the Barri Gothic, the centre of the old city of Barcelona.

The Picasso Museum is known as the wish of an artist to make his art a permanent part of the city that was such an important part of his career. Picasso though born in Malaga, moved to Barcelona with his family in 1895 and thereafter divided his time between Barcelona and Paris. Barcelona was important to his formative years, maybe you don’t know his first public exhibition at the famous restaurant Els Quatre Gats!!

 The Picasso Museum describes the work of Picasso before he left Barcelona to travel to Paris, and in the paintings in the permanent collection, you can see his relationship with the city. In his paintings of the urban landscape and of the street scenes that he became famous for, one can see Picasso's Barcelona a place that left its indelible mark on him.


Museo Picasso

C/Montcada 15-23 - 93 256 30 00


El Mussol is a small chain of restaurants in Barcelona, which offers the best of the Catalan country houses cuisine in their 4 restaurants around Barcelona, all of them specialised in flame grilled meat and vegetables.

El Mussol attracts all kinds of people, friends, families, business men and couples. Maybe the reason is because, the restaurants are situated in very centric places around the city, but I think that there are quite a few things that make it attractive to so many people.

The food of great quality, the ambience, kind and professional staff, a lovely and traditional decó, the good prices, and the fact that the restaurants are so big that you will always get a table!!

All the main courses are grilled - just pick you favourite meat and/or vegetables and enjoy a slice of pan con tomate while you are watching your food being prepared in the open kitchen located in the middle of the restaurant!! Bon profit!!


Restaurante El Mussol

-Diagonal 611-613 (Pedralbes Centre)-Diagonal 488 (near Via Agusta)

-Casp 19 (just off Passeig Gracia)

-Arago 21 (again, just off Gracia)


I’m sure, you have seen located around the city some elegant bakeries called Paul.

This french boulangerie is one of the best bread makers in town, not to mention the pastries, and the cakes which are equally delicious.

In 1889, a small local bakery opened in a little town called Croix near Lille in Northern France. Four generations later the PAUL name is known throughout France and, increasingly, around the world. And the reason is obvious, because everything they make, is really good.

Here you can have almost everything you want at any time. There are some different menus which can provide breakfast, lunch or afternoon coffee. You can choose between omelettes, crepes, quiche, pies or even salads. Be sure to try the olive bread, the cheese cake, the bacon quiche, or just some of their sandwiches or huge salads.

There are some bakeries around the city, just check their web to find the Paul next to you.


Sita Murt comes from a family with a long tradition in the textiles industry in Noia, which has been a major centre for knitwear production for many decades in Cataluña. Maybe this circumstance helps her to become the most famous catalan fashion designer.

As a fast-expanding women's label, Sita Murt is designed with the young, feminine, fun-loving woman in mind and has an emphasis on soft, sensual fabrics. Clean, pure silhouettes are the core of her collection made by materials such soft cottons, linens and natural silks.

Sita Murt produces more than 200.000 pieces of clothing every year, serving more than 1.900 sales locations, including international department stores such as Galeries Lafayette or Tzum from Moscow.

For the brand, it was very important also the Woody Allen film, "Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona! because some of its garments were dressed by the actresses at the film.

Sita Murt also boasts 20 boutiques of her own in different Spanish cities but one of the most noteworthy is the shop placed in Paseo de Gracia. The prices are a little bit expensive, but the quality and the design are very hight. If you can’t expend so much, there is an outlet in La Roca.


Sita Murt

Passeig de Gràcia,11


Every year, Barcelona hosts a very international date, a turism meeting where countries from all over the world come to our city to show the better they have.

The Saló Internacional del Turisme de Catalunya invites us once more to learn about other cultures, dream with lost places and travel around the world. Go around the world in just a few ours and discover each country in a very exciting atmosphere.

Every country has their own stand where the most typical and traditional things are mixed with the newest they have to offer. Walk around the pavilions and discover different people, another colours, beautiful sights, surprising music, wonderful fragrances and amazing flavours from around the world.

The ideal exhibition for all travelling enthusiasts who want to learn about the next destiny, live new experiences with the best professionals and have fun. Because the Saló Internacional del Turisme de Catalunya is also a big show, where you can find Brazilians dancers, Thailand massagist or a traditional moroccan potter making ceramic right there.

You have until this Sunday to live this huge experience and Visit all the World in without leaving Barcelona!!! Have fun!!!


Saló Internacional del Turisme de Catalunya

From 15 to 18 april 2010

10 am to 08:00 pm

Montjuïc Venue

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El hostal de la Rita is one of the most famous lunchtime restaurants in Barcelona. Always crowded, with a large queue in front of the restaurant, this place offers a daily menu just for the amazing amount of 8.90€. There is almost nothing on this menu more than 10€ except some wines, so it is a perfect place if you have a small budget.

For visitors, it’s a great location, just 200 meters off the Paseo de Gracia and the city centre.I really enjoy taking visiting friends to El Hostal de la Rita, because it seems a very formal restaurant, with white linen tablecloths and napkins, big white china plates and uniformed philippine staff.

Some of the favourite dishes are the Catalan canelones, the patatas bravas con chistorra, the ensalada de queso de cabra, the arroz negro con chipirones and the pastel de verduras.

The desserts are really good too, so please try the chocolate profiteroles or the pastel de queso con frutos del bosque, simply delicious!!!


El Hostal de la Rita

Aragón, 279 - 934872376


Peralada is a small town situated between Figueras and the beautiful little towns of Costa Brava .The Castillo de Peralada, hosts a very famous and important Festival, dates from the late middle ages. This castle is nowadays the home of the Casino de Peralada, the Museo del Vidrio ,the Museo del Vino and has a impressive library with over 80,000 volumes of really antic books.

The Castell de Peralada Festival showcases every year recitals by famous singers, symphony-choir concerts, operas, musical theatre, dance, jazz, pop, chamber music concerts and family-orientated performances.

The festival supports Spanish composers and artists and commissions projects and musical scores with the aim of enriching the cultural variety on offer in Spain. At the same time, soloists and prestigious international artist from different artistic fields are invited to take part every year. This philosophy has allowed Peralada festival  to be positioned as one of the most important cultural events in Spain during the summer period.

They are ready to start the show this summer, will you come?


Festival Castell de Peralada

C/ del Castell s/n - 972 53 82 92

17491 - Peralada (Gerona)

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