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  Barcelona is well known for its mild climate and excellent sightseeing. There is no better way to enjoy the winding streets of the centre, the sunny beachfront and the historical monuments of the city than on a bike. And now with the installation of Bicing,
Barcelona's public transit bike system, the city has become ever so easy to navigate. New bike lanes and raised commuter awareness have made travelling by bike faster and safer. Whether you decide to take a guided tour or grab a map and do it yourself, exploring the city by bike can be a fun, eco-friendly and energizing way to see all that Barcelona has to offer.

Bike Tour & Bike Rentals Directory

Al Punt de Trobada
Address: Badajoz, 24
District: Sant Martí
Tlf: 932250585

Aparcament Sant Andreu Teatre

Address: C Monges, 2
District: Sant Andreu
Tlf: 933114901

Associació Bicitours Barcelona
Address: C Esparteria, 3
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 932 682 105

Barcelona Bici Pg Joan de Borbó
Address: Pg Joan Borbo C Barcelona, 45
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 932853832

Barcelona Bici Portal de la Pau
Address: Pl Portal de la Pau, 1
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 932853832

Barcelona Vibes
Address: C Milans, 7
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 933103747

Address: Bda Sant Miquel, 6
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 656356300

Barceloneta Bikes
Address: C Mestrança, 49
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 600673796

Address: Pas Sota Muralla, 3
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 932690204

Address: Av Cardenal Vidal Barraquer, 7
District: Horta-Guinardó

Address: C Maurici Serrahima, 14
District: Grá cia
Tlf: 669352566

Biciclot Marítim Passeig Marítim
Address: Pg Marítim Barceloneta, 33
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 932219778

Address: Av Marquá¨s de l'Argentera, 27
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 607226069



Bike and Bici
Address: C Joan Gamper, 16-20
District: Les Corts
Tlf: 934194265

Bike Rental Barcelona
Address: C Rauric, 20
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 666057655

Bike Tours Barcelona
Address: C Esparteria, 3
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 932682105

Bikes de Cool
Address: Pg Picasso, 44
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 636401997

Address: C Marquesa, 1
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 933 190 020

Botiga Bicitecla
Address: C Santa Tecla, 5
District: Grá cia
Tlf: 933686978

Botiga Dyd Lowrider
Address: C Ferlandina, 20
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 933017256

Classic Bikes
Address: C Tallers, 45
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 933171970

Cruising Barcelona
Address: C de la Fraternitat, 6
District: Gracia
Tlf: 605948469

Equip Raiders
Address: C Joan Güell, 117
District: Les Corts
Tlf: 934308803

Fat Tire Bike Tours Barcelona
Address: C Escudellers, 48, planta baja
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 933013612

Lloguer de Bicicletes B & B Bikes
Address: Bda Caçador, 1
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 932955546

Un Cotxe Menys - Bicicletes
Address: Esparteria, 3
District: Ciutat Vella
Tlf: 932682105



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