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BARCELONA TRAINS Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC)
  The FGC is an electric commuter rail system that currently operates three urban lines (L6, L7, L8), seven suburban lines (S1, S2, S33, S4, S5, S55, S8), and two interurban lines (R5, R6) in Barcelona.

FGC lines:

Plaça Catalunya – Reina Elisenda
Plaça Catalunya – Av. Tibidabo
Plaça Espanya – Molí Nou-Cuitat Cooperativa
Barcelona-Plaça Catalunya - Terrassa
Barcelona-Plaça Catalunya - Sabadell
Barcelona-Plaça Espanya - Can Ros
Barcelona-Plaça Espanya - Olesa de Montserrat
Barcelona-Plaça Catalunya - Sant Cugat - Rubí
 Barcelona-Plaça Catalunya - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Barcelona-Plaça Espanya - Martorell
Barcelona-Plaça Espanya - Manresa
Barcelona-Plaça Espanya - Igualada

 Tickets and Fares:  FGC Single One-Way Ticket (Non-Integrated) –
Valid for 1 journey only; 1,35€ (2009).

Sunday to Thursday (and public holidays) 5h-24h; Friday 5h-2h; continuous service Saturday and evenings before public holidays on 1/1, 24/6, 15/8 and 24/9.  Times approximate for urban lines and are subject to change.  See website for further information, system and station maps:  http://www.fgc.net

Rodalíes Renfe
A commuter railway service connecting Barcelona with its metropolitan areas and other parts of Catalonia. The network of Rodalíes Renfe as well as its fare system consists of 6 areas, having Sants Estació as its centre. These areas coincide with the ones of the Barcelona´s Integrated Fare System. As within Barcelona and its suburbs Rodalíes  Renfe trains run mostly underground, they share some of the stations with the metro of Barcelona.

Rodalies Renfe Lines:

Molins de Rei / L'Hospitalet - Mataró / Maçanet
Castelldefels - Granollers Centre
St. Vicenç / Vilanova - Estació de França
Aeroport Sant Celoni / Maçanet
L'Hospitalet - Vic
St Vicenç / Vilafranca - Manresa
L'Hospitalet Cerdanyola Universitat / Matorell

To consult timetable and fares:  www.renfe.es




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