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The most common and simple way to catch a taxi on the streets of Barcelona is to either go to one of the taxi stops or to use a hand signal when a taxi with a green light (which means that it is empty) is approaching. You can also order a taxi via phone.  In this case a special supplement can be added to your charge.

24 hours a day

The basic tariffs are the following:

Per kilometre – 0,82 € (T1 – 1,04 €)
T1- night-time, weekdays, from 21.00 to 07.00
T1- Saturday and bank holidays, from 00:00 to 24:00
T2- daytime from 07.00 to 21.00
Minimum charge -  1,80 € (T1 - 1,90 €)
Minimum charge from the airport including airport entrance supplement - 20 €
Airport entrance supplement - 3,10 €
Suitcase or similar (55x35x35 cm) - 1 €
Pets - 1 €
Available change - 20 €

Methods of payment:
Taxi service is usually paid for in cash or, in case a cab has a special sign, a payment via credit card may also be accepted.

Each taxi radio dispatch centre decides on its own whether to use alternative methods of payment, such as Mobipay







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