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Tarragona is a marine city located approximately 100 km south of Barcelona. The city has been known as Imperial Tarraco since the Roman domination. In Tarragona you can admire some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the Iberian Peninsula including part of the bases of large Cyclopean walls near the Cuartel de Pilatos, which are ascribed to pre-date the Romans.  You can also see the Roman amphitheatre dated to the 2nd century a.d., and situated a few kilometers north of the city, a Roman arch bridge carrying an aqueduct, locally known as “Devil’s Bridge,” has been preserved. This magnificent aqueduct is 217 m in length, and the loftiest arches, of which there are two tiers, are 26 m high.

One of the most important Spanish traditional festivals, Santa Tecla, is celebrated in Tarragona between the 15th and 23rd September.  It has been celebrated since 1321 and is considered to be of national touristic interest by the Spanish government. Human towers, historical parades and fireworks are some of the main activities.  

Another reason to come to this city is to enjoy one of the biggest amusement parks in southern Europe, "Universal Port Aventura."  The park is located in Vilaseca and Salou, just 9 km away from Tarragona.

Tarragona is located a few miles away from Reus Airport, which has many low-cost destination and charter-flights. It is also perfectly connected with other main Spanish cities via the wide railway network and excellent quality motorways.

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