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Although Barcelona has quite a developed network of parking lots all over the city, it can be a big problem to park your car especially in the city centre. Instead of wasting time searching for the space in the street, we advise you to use one of the underground parking lots. To see the list with all the parking facilities of Barcelona, please, consult the following web-site:
www.bcn.es/guia. The City Council of Barcelona has an excellent searchable database of parking facilities in Barcelona.

In case you cannot avoid bringing your car to Barcelona, please find below some parking tips:

Street Parking:
Parking in Barcelona is restricted and most of the time roadside parking must be paid.
Blue zones indicate that parking must be paid at a ticket machine. Usually, parking must be paid for Monday to Friday 09.00-14.00 h. and 16.00-21.00 h. and Saturdays 09.00-14.00 h.
Green zones are reserved for residents with only short stay (max. 2hrs during the day) for everyone else. Parking must be paid at a ticket machine. Usually, parking must be paid for Monday to Friday 09.00-14.00 h. and 16.00-21.00 h. and Saturdays 09.00-14.00 h.

Parking lots:
The vast majority of the city centre car-parks are underground, they are indicated with special signs outside showing if there are spaces (libre/lliure) or if it is full (completo). It is the norm to pay at the cash desk or pay station before returning to the car and leaving. Prices vary depending on the company monitoring the parking facility.

No Parking:
"No Parking" signs are often blue with a red line across.
Yellow or red painted signs on the curb also indicate No Parking.

Certain zones display a sign of a tow truck, indicating that an illegally parked car may be towed. In place of the towed vehicle, there should be a sticker or note stating where the vehicle has been impounded, or a giving number to call. If there is no note, contact the local police. If a vehicle is towed, a towing fee will be due.

Parking fine:
All parking fines must be paid within 15 days.

Disabled Parking:
Cars parked in disabled spaces must display the disabled sticker or blue badge in the window. The blue badge is a standardised European Community disabled person's parking permit which provides parking entitlements to badge holders in all complying European countries - a blue badge from one EU country is valid in another. A person coming to Spain may apply in their home country for this universal badge which allows the use of reserved parking.

Drivers with a blue badge from another European country may display this Spanish translation beside a badge written in another language (text from the UK Automobile Association):

Tarjeta de aparcamiento para minusválidos.

La persona que muestra estatarjeta de aparcamiento es un visitante minusválido procedente de otro país europeo, y tiene derecho a los mismos privilegios de aparcamiento que un minusválido residente en su país.


Disabled spaces in car parks reserved for disabled people are marked with a wheelchair symbol. You are not allowed to park if the space is marked with a vehicle registration number. Some car parks allow vehicles displaying a disabled parking sign to park free of charge, but there are no concessions for disabled drivers on roadside parking.


B:SM – Barcelona de Serveis Municipals
B:SM is the largest car parking provider in Barcelona that has 47 underground car parks within the city and 6 surface car parks within the urban area, counting with over 23,000 places for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and coaches. B:SM car parks offers a unique minute-by-minute charging system with a current rate of 0,044 €/min (2.66 €/h).

Pre-paid time card options:
Pre-paid cards may be used in any of the car parks of the underground car park network. You can buy time cards at the payment cabins in any car park.
100 hours – 188 € (1.88 €/h)
50 hours – 103 € (2.06 €/h)
25 hours – 54 € (2.16 €/h)

Voucher options:
Voucher holders will benefit from a 50% discount* on rates in the rest of the B:SM underground car park network and will also enjoy the special discounts offered by collaborating companies. The prices of vouchers and hours vary depending on the car park. Ask for information at the car park you are interested in or by calling the customer service line on 93 409 20 21.
24 hours per day, any day of the month. Also available for motorcycles.
During night-time hours from Monday to Friday and 24 hour coverage during weekends and bank holidays; except for the de Moll de la Fusta, Marina Port, Litoral Portand Barceloneta Centre car parks which have different opening times.
From Monday to Friday during various day-time periods.
Motorcycles and bicycles:
Reserved places close to the control cabin.
Company vouchers:
Provide easy parking for your employees and enjoy special terms based on the number of vouchers bought.
(*) Exceptions:
Voucher holders for surface car parks do not enjoy these discounts at underground car parks.
Voucher-holders for underground car parks do not enjoy the 50% discount at surface parks.
Except for cycle and young cyclist permit holders.

If you are coming from outside Barcelona, B:SM provides you with 3 car parks(*) at the entry points to the city where you can leave your car and take public transport into the city.

Special cards:
For  41 €, the P-Month card will allow you to park your car for 12 consecutive hours from Monday to Saturday in the following car parks:  
Plaça del Fòrum  Pl. d'Ernest Lluch i Martin (08005)
Sant Genís Vall d'Hebron Pg. de la Vall d'Hebron, 138-176 (08035)
Rius i Taulet Fira Av. de la Reina Maria Cristina, 16 (08004)

P-8 days card for the Barcelona Nord Station car park
With this card, you can park for up to 8 consecutive days in the Barcelona Nord Station car park, c/ d'Alí Bei, 54 (08013), for 75€. This car park is conveniently located downtown near the Arc de Triomf metro and railway stations. Once the car leaves the car park, the card is cancelled even if the parking period was less than 8 days.
Opening hours for sales: Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 10.00pm

P- 8/11 day Card P.R. Biomédica i Litoral Port
B:SM has reached and agreement with the PR Biomèdica and Litoral Port car parkings, so that the cruise passengers can park their vehicles in this areas and benefit of special prices: 8 days – 57 €, 11 days – 75 € (rates available only for cruise passangers).

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