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The Generalitat de Catalunya is the institution under which the Spanish Autonomous Community of Catalonia is politically organised. It consists of the Parliament, the President of the Generalitat and the Executive Council or Government of Catalonia

José Montilla is the president-elect of the Generalitat and is backed up by a tripartite coalition of left-wing and Catalan nationalist political parties.

The president of the Generalitat holds the highest office in the Generalitat and acts as ordinary representative of the State. The president is also responsible for relations with other State institutions and the other autonomous regions, calling the elections for the Parliament of Catalonia and appointing the senior posts stipulated by law.

As ordinary representative of the State in Catalonia, he passes the laws of Catalonia on behalf of the king.

The Parliament represents the people of Catalonia. Its democratic origins give the Parliament supreme force and make it the most important institution of the Generalitat, from which all the rest are created. The Parliament of Catalonia is made up of a single chamber or house, is independent and inviolable.

One hundred and thirty-five elected members make up the Parliament of Catalonia. They are chosen by secret, direct, equal, free and universal ballot. The electoral system is proportional: Parliament seats are shared between the electoral lists in proportion to the votes each one has obtained. At the same time, this system must also ensure the adequate representation of all zones in the territory of Catalonia.

The candidates present themselves for election grouped in electoral lists, usually based on and organized around the program of a political party or a coalition of parties.

The Government of Catalonia is the collegiate organ with executive and administrative functions that is made up of all the ministers and coordinated by the president

The Government directs the policies and administration of the Generalitat of Catalonia and is responsible for undertaking the executive functions and the regulatory powers.

It is comprised of the President and the ministers and politically it is answerable to the Parliament on a mutual basis "without prejudice to the direct responsibility of each Minister's management".

The powers of government are:

  • Setting out guidelines for government action.
  • Preparing and applying the Government Budget
  • Approving bills of law; passing legislative decrees.
  • Exercising regulatory authority.
  • Granting or denying conformity with the processing of certain bills of law.
  • Appointing and defining the senior Administration posts.
  • Designating the Government representatives in certain institutions, bodies and companies.
  • Appointing some of the members of the Council for Statutory Guarantees.
  • Adopting regulatory measures for the execution of international treaties and agreements.
  • Approving projects for agreements towards cooperation with other autonomous regions.
  • Agreeing to lodge unconstitutionality appeals after issuing a preliminary report to the Consultative Board.
Bringing before the Constitutional Courts all conflicts of jurisdiction and attending all appeal hearings regarding issues of unconstitutionality affecting Catalonia and any other function or power attributed thereto by law.




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