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Finding work in Barcelona can be a challenge for many reasons, especially for non-residents. The worldwide crisis has affected Barcelona’s job market with scarce options and lower salaries. If moving to or visiting Barcelona long-term, it is advised to come prepared with some money in your pocket to get you by during the job search. Although living frugally in the city is possible with some planning and ingenuity, it can also easily become quite expensive with the allure of all the surrounding bars, restaurants and shops.


What you need:

To be able to work in Barcelona, you will need an N.I.E. (Número de Identidad de Extranjeros) if you are an EU citizen, or a working visa if you are a non-EU citizen. For EU citizens, you can usually get your N.I.E. in one day providing you have all necessary paperwork with you. See the following link for Oficinas de Extranjeros locations on the Ministry of the Interior’s website for more details and where to go: http://www.mir.es

Attaining papers to work in Barcelona for non-EU citizens can be much more complicated. In order to work, you will need a working visa that can only be obtained at the Spanish consulate of your resident country (aside from a few rare exceptions). The catch-22 is that you will need a company to sponsor you (i.e. offer you a job) before you apply for the working visa. When this happens though, the company also will need to prove to the government that they could not find a suitable Spanish resident to fulfill the position. This has become more difficult with the current rising unemployment rate. Hence, there are no guarantees.

During the job search, you will also need to have a Curriculum Vitae (CV) readily available. This is similar to a resume, but with more detailed personal information including gender, marital status, interest and hobbies, and most of the time, a current photo. You can find various websites online for information pertaining to guidelines, tips and examples of writing a CV.


Where to look:

Currently, two of the most popular online sites to search for jobs are www.infojobs.net and www.monster.es. Infojobs lets you create an online profile of your previous education, experience, etc. for an easy, one-click application to any of their listings. You can also browse the jobs and then visit the individual company websites to find a place to submit a cover letter and CV there. Another good site to search for jobs is www.loquo.com. Loquo is an online database of classifieds posted by locals. You can find just about anything here including housing, items for sale or wanted, classes, services and personal ads. This site is particularly good for foreigners who may need something short-term, part-time, or a job requiring less experience and/or Spanish language skills.

The Sunday classifieds section of the local newspaper, La Vanguardia, is also a good place to check, or online at www.lavanguardia.es. Other areas to look for expat or non-Spanish speaking jobs are in the English language publications Barcelona Connect:www.barcelonaconnect.com and Barcelona Metropolitan: www.barcelona-metropolitan.com

Another option worth considering is to sign up with a recruiting agency. One that specializes in finding work for multilingual and non-Spanish speaking applicants is Talent Search People: www.talentsearchpeople.com

Finally…networking, networking, networking! Look online or in the paper for clubs/groups or meetings to attend. Facebook and Meetup.com have numerous groups and associations relating to just about everything to do with Barcelona. Search, join and sign up for events to get yourself out there, meeting new people and networking for jobs.

INFOJOBS Web: www.infojobs.net
CLASSIFIEDS Web: www.classifiedsbarcelona.com
INFOEMPLEO Web: www.infoempleo.com
LA VANGUARDIA Web:www.lavanguardia.es
BARCELONA CONNECT Web:www.barcelonaconnect.com
BARCELONA METROPOLITAN Web:www.barcelona-metropolitan.com
MONSTER Web:www.monster.es
TALENT SEARCH PEOPLE Web: www.talentsearchpeople.com
LOQUO Web: www.loquo.com
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