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Barcelona beaches
Sant Sebastiá
Nova Icaria
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Beaches of Barcelona
Barcelona is well known for its 4.5km of amazing beachfront, which is broken up into seven beaches. Barcelona’s mild climate means visitors and locals can take advantage of the beach year round, although bathing season typically lasts from mid-March through September. The usual amenities on each beach include: showers, bathrooms, lifeguard/first aid (in season), disabled access, recycling and garbage bins. There are also ample restaurants/bars, some of which are located directly on the beaches (called “chiringuitos”). Chairs, umbrellas, sporting equipment rentals, lockers, and ice-cream stands are also available during high season. And for the ultimate beach bum, there is no shortage of mobile vendors selling beer, sangria, coconut, potato chips, etc. delivered directly to your towel.

The Beach Centre
Located under the seafront walkway directly on the beach of Barceloneta in front of Hospital del Mar, the Beach Centre is a recreational place for all to enjoy. By only showing your DNI, guests are invited to borrow press such as magazines and comics, sporting equipment such as volleyballs, rackets and Frisbees, as well as shovels, buckets and molds. The Beach Centre is open daily during the months of June through September from 11:00 to 19:00h and for limited hours during the months of March through May. 

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Sant Sebastiá Beach

14, 16, 17, 39, 40, 45, 51, 57, 59, 64, 157
Metro: Yellow L4 - Barceloneta
Often considered as being part of the neighboring beach Barceloneta, since there is no definite divide between the two. There are all types of facilities: showers, lifeguards, bars, as well as good disabled access and bathing assistance service.

Barceloneta Beach

14, 16, 17, 36, 39, 40, 45, 51, 57, 59, 64
Metro: Yellow L4 - Barceloneta and Ciutadella
Tram: : Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica
The busiest of all the beaches, frequented by both locals and tourist due to its proximity to public transportation bus and metro stops.  Here you can also find volleyball courts, children’s, fitness and skateboarding areas, ping-pong tables and bike rentals.  There is a beach library service located in the Beach Centre under the main walkway of the outer edge of the beach for those looking for some quiet reading time.

Nova Icària Beach

6, 36, 41, 92, 141
Metro: Yellow L4 - Ciutadella and Bogatell
Tram: : T4 - Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica
Located next to the Olympic Port and considered to be one of the quieter beaches, this beach is frequented heavily by families with children.  Here you can also find volleyball courts, ping-pong tables, and a children’s play area.  Bathing assistance service also available.

Bogatell Beach

6, 36, 41, 92, 141
Metro: Yellow L4 - Poblenou and Llacuna
Part of the 1990s beach restoration project in Barcelona, this beach is now considered one of the safest.  It also has the highest average age of its users.  Volleyball courts and a ping-pong table can be found here.

Mar Bella Beach


36, 71, 141
Metro: Yellow L4 - Selva de Mar
Tram: : T4 - Selva de Mar

Located between the beaches of Nova Mar Bella and Bogatell and unique for its designated nudist beach area. The beach also hosts a sports centre where windsurfing equipment can be rented, as well as a beach library set up next to the breakwater during the months of July and August.  A children’s play area, ping-pong table, skating area and basketball net can also be found here.

La Nova Mar Bella Beach

36, 43, 141
Metro: Yellow L4 - Selva de Mar and El Maresme
Tram: : T4 - Selva de Mar and El Maresme
The farthest beach from the city centre and thus, the most tranquil.  This beach is typically visited by people living outside of Barcelona and of which over 60% are women.
  Llevant Beach    

7, 36, 41, 141
Metro: Yellow L4 - Selva de Mar
Tram: : T4 - Selva de Mar and El Maresme

Opened in 2006, this is the newest addition to the beaches of Barcelona and the last on the Eastern coastline of Barcelona.  Basic services available.


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